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A place for creativity to flourish.

When you visit Downtown Duncan it doesn't take much time to see that this is a place where creativity can flourish. From the bounty of handmade products In the storefronts to the handful of galleries, and frame shops that call this place home. Downtown is a hub for makers, dancers, painters, photographers, poets, and visionaries from all types of backgrounds. This is something that we hope to support and encourage! If you are a foodie with a blog, iPhone photographer, tik tok dancer, film maker, or burgeoning writer, we invite you to come to Downtown Duncan, and get inspired to be your best creative self!

Born Reckless, Nothing To Prove.
Filmed in Downtown Duncan.

Filmed in Downtown Duncan: This music video featuring the song "Nothing To Prove", by Victoria Band Born Reckless, was an opportunity to use a number of locations downtown to create a vision and tell a story. Business owners opened their doors (and arms) to bring this vision to life. Wall Street Clothing generously provided the full wardrobe for actors and styled them for filming, making many of the scenes in the video possible. The Duncan Showroom opened its doors, took care of gear and stage setup, and made sure that the concert scenes came to life in a very real way! Craig Street Brew Pub accommodated the film crew and actors mid-day on a Saturday and allowed shooting of a scene that was integral to the storyline. Chari-teas, Willow & Orchid, and the Duncan Farmers Market all played integral roles when it came to visual assets to move the story along! 

All in all, Local businesses, creatives, sunny weather, and good music all came together in our little town to create something exciting, and build a relationship with people who see the star quality of this special place we call "Downtown Duncan" 

Shot, edited and produced by: Michael Weir & Ian Bourrie of Michael Weir Creative


To see what else is on the horizon for Born Reckless, visit their website or follow them on social media! 

Dancing just makes you feel good! Dancing and popping duo "Funkanometry" used the well-known octopus mural at Westcoastee's as a backdrop for an electric and energetic video recently. They also filmed a dance sequence in the Eclectic Avenue store, which flowed out the door, across Station Street, and out in front of The Duncan Showroom! 


Their moves and choreography spread cheer, and make everyone want to get up and boogie with them. For more dance video's go follow them on Instagram, facebook and Tik Tok!

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