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Wolf Willow Collective

Ashley Lott

How many years have you been in business in the DDBIA?


How many full-time employees (including yourself) work in your business?


Are your annual sales [budget] over or under $500K yearly?


What do you believe makes your business or org uniquely successful?

We are a collective of women who help to empower each other through business, we carry all products Canadian-made by women, and we have bridged the gap between natural and medical grade products and services, creating a judgement-free space and supplying the community with options for everyone. We have options for every budget and offer payment options as well to make things more accessible. 

Regardless of how you define growth, what are the short- and long-term growth plans for your business?

In the past 2 years, we have gone from 2 people running the space to creating opportunities for employment for women running their own businesses (8 in total) and employment in admin and management roles (6 in total). We are continuing to expand and grow and have more big plans for 2024 and beyond. 

What new products, processes or other actions have you taken in the past to address changing market conditions, customer expectations and or growth opportunities?

We’ve added a naturopathic doctor, a lash extension artist, a hair stylist, a permanent makeup artist, a nurse practitioner and medical aesthetic services to add to our organic spray tan and lash and brow artist.

How specifically do you operationalize the idea of “Excellence” in your business?

We strive to provide excellent customer service, meet every customer where they are at, provide and a safe and judgement-free space for all, always looking to expand and offer services that are not currently in the valley, we are consistently marketing to communities outside of Cowichan to bring more business to the area.

Wolf Willow Collective
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