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Warmland Dance

Leah Burley

How many years have you been in business in the DDBIA?


How many full-time employees (including yourself) work in your business or org?


Are your annual sales [budget] over or under $500K yearly?


What do you believe makes your business or org uniquely successful?

Student growth and retention, community spirit. 

Regardless of how you define growth, what are the short- and long-term growth plans for your business?

Short term - open and enroll full classes in Lake Cowichan in fall 2024. Long-term - full classes for all offerings, day program enrollment and engagement.

What new products, processes or other actions have you taken in the past to address changing market conditions, customer expectations and or growth opportunities?

New products in the retail store to accommodate dancer needs - hair wax, unique dance shoes. New software for online registration, and student management and billing. Opening a new location in growing Lake Cowichan.

How specifically do you operationalize the idea of “Excellence” in your business?

Teachers use reflective practice, continual striving and lifelong learning represented among faculty as an example to young students, and young leaders program to build student skills and develop young teachers.

Warmland Dance
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