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Brunch on Third

Rhonda Grantham

How many years have you been in business in the DDBIA?


How many full-time employees (including yourself) work in your business or org?


Are your annual sales [budget] over or under $500K yearly?


What do you believe makes your business or org uniquely successful?

An amazing team. No turnovers. Great food, service, and hands-on management.


Regardless of how you define growth, what are the short- and long-term growth plans for your business?

To maintain consistency, with food, beverages and service, today and going forward. 

What new products, processes or other actions have you taken in the past to address changing market conditions, customer expectations and or growth opportunities?

Today's guest is savvy,  They expect what's trendy and sustainable. We are always looking for new products and concepts. 


How specifically do you operationalize the idea of “Excellence” in your business?

#1 Great food  #2 Great service  #3 Money management.  All equally important and in no specific order.

Brunch on Third
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