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Holiday Inspiration at Pots & Paraphernalia

Are you looking for great gift ideas and inspiration for your seasonal decorating? Pots & Paraphernalia has been a staple for downtown Duncan shoppers for nearly forty years. Feast your eyes on these photos of their holiday display to find out why, and gather inspiration for your holiday decorating and gift-giving. Read on for the five elements that really make Pots & Paraphernalia pop this time of the year!

Plates, decorative details and more at Pots & Paraphernalia. Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV.

1) Tree

Pots & Paraphernalia has many delightful Christmas trees on display now, from colourful to all-white. Match your tree to your colour scheme, and experiment with different lighting!

Colourful trees. Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV
A classic Christmas tree. Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV.

2) Ornaments

There is something very special about a memorable Christmas ornament to have on your tree every year. Pots & Paraphernalia has a wide selection on display, and you can purchase unique ornaments at many downtown Duncan retailers including Backwoods Soap, Wishes, and Little Bird.

A memorable ornament. Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV

Lots of personality in an ornament is key. Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV

3) Decorative Details

Why not add an extra touch to bare surfaces? Pots & Paraphernalia has adorable owls, Father Christmases, and more spread out throughout the store. You could even check out a Yoga themed Santa if that's not too much of a stretch.

Santa yogis! Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV

How cute is this owl? Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV

4) Tableware

A Christmas feast served on a striking platter is sure to please all diners. Pots & Paraphernalia has some gorgeous tableware out now, from crisp white plates to copper cookware.

Classic white tableware, for everyday use or a special occasion. Photo by ian Locke, CNCLV
Gorgeous gold. Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV

5) Festive Edibles

Pots & Paraphernalia also sells some delicious chocolates, wrapped in a most pleasing way. A wonderful choice to end a Christmas meal or add as a stocking stuffer for someone special!

Looks festive and delicious. Photo by Ian Locke CNCLV

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