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Hair They Are: Eclipse Salon Opens in Downtown Duncan

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Our downtown keeps getting more stylish! On January 2, hair dresser Sharline Haglund opened a relaxing new salon on 446 Jubilee Street - read on to learn more about this new destination for great hair for men and women as well as ear piercings.

Sharline Haglund. Photo by Ian Locke, CNCLV

Sharline Haglund started cutting and styling hair when she was just 18 years old. "All I've ever done is hair," the stylist says. "I love working with people and building relationships. I also love transformations and making people feel good."

A longtime employee of Split Ends over at Beverly Corners, Sharline decided to open her own shop when her boss retired. Her loyal customers followed her.

"I thought of going to school and studying something else but I couldn't think of anything else to do!" Sharline says of the decision to open her own shop after her boss retired.

The salon is soothing and bright. Photo by Ian Locke, CNCLV

"Once I got into hair, I realized I had a natural ability for it... Now I can't imagine doing anything else."

Sharline's journey to opening was "pretty smooth." She developed a vision board and realized the vibe she wanted to create. "I went for a lively, West Coast kind of feeling, and I think I accomplished that... People keep saying how relaxing it is in here - it's comfortable."

In order to accomplish the bright, cheerful, beachy vibe of the place, Sharline sourced furniture from Facebook Marketplace and her friend's shop at Whippletree Junction, Style Sense.

Many people have been dropping in since the January 2nd opening. Photo by Ian Locke, CNCLV

Sharline picked the location of her boutique because it is a cute home, affordably priced for rent, and in part because of the two parking spaces available for customers out front. "I pay extra for that," she says, but she thinks it is worth it for her customers' welfare.

She loves that the neighbourhood has been very welcoming to her, as well as the downtown community in general. "Every time I buy something downtown and tell people I opened a shop here people say, "oh that's neat!"" she says. "There's a community feel here."

She also got support - and a loan - from Community Futures. "That really helped me," Sharline notes. "Go talk to them - if they give you advice, take it."

Look at this beautiful styling! Sharline is inspired by Jennifer Lopez's hair at the Superbowl tis year. Photo by Ian Locke, CNCLV

Sharline enjoys coming downtown for the Duncan Farmers' market. "Every week I buy some fresh flowers." She is also looking forward to taking advantage of the Downtown Duncan BIA's services. "We are a little bit out of downtown core, so I want to incorporate myself into the downtown if I can."

Sharline's daughter knits loofahs! Photo by Ian Locke, CNCLV

Sharline offers great products including these re-useable loofah sponges designed by her daughter and available for $30 each at Eclipse Salon.

Otherwise Eclipse Salon carries Loma products, which recently sold well after she boosted a post on Facebook. "That really gave me a sense of the power of social media."

Eclipse salon exclusively carries Loma products. Photo by Ian Locke, CNCLV

Since opening, "people in the neighbourhood have seen people coming in, and there’s a little buzz around it, so people are starting to see what we’re about which is really cool," Sharline observes.

Join the discovery process and visit Eclipse salon today for great hair and ear piercings! Sharline and her employee Keri-Lyn will work with you to find your best look.

Eclipse salon at 446 Jubilee can be reached at 250-597-2020. Photo by Ian Locke, CNCLV

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