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Parking Map

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Parking Permits

The City of Duncan sells parking permits for staff, residents, and anyone else who needs to park downtown on a regular basis.


Parking passes can be purchased at City Hall and may be used at any of the paid parking lots on Canada Avenue and Duncan Street.







$84/3 Months

$156/6 Months



The parking lot on Government Street (aka The Mound) is administered by Robins Parking (


For more information on Parking permits please see the City of Duncan's official site or contact their offices at 250.746.6126 located at City Hall -  200 Craig Street.

Customer-Friendly Policy

Downtown Duncan strives to be a customer-friendly parking environment; therefore providing many options for visitors to the downtown.


The City of Duncan is 100% customer-friendly and has a customer-friendly parking policy. If you are issued a ticket while shopping or using downtown services, you can phone City Hall at 250.746.6126 or drop by in person.


However, if you are a merchant, business owner, employee, student, or resident of Downtown Duncan, we ask that you do not park in the designated Customer Parking spaces. Multiple alternatives are available (see parking map above).


 Streets & Parks Patrollers

The City of Duncan provides Street & Parks Patrollers for parking, traffic control, bylaw enforcement, and security. They serve as friendly ambassadors for the City and work closely with the RCMP to ensure a safe environment for residents and visitors alike.


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