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An age-old tradition for Downtown businesses is back this year for the holiday season. If you are a long-time resident you may recall seeing a plethora of stuffed animals appearing in the window displays of local shops. These mascots are part of a community-wide Christmas scavenger hunt where winners receive Downtown Duncan Dollars.

This year's mascot is an adorable black Scotty dog. As you walk around town these days you may have already seen a few of these pups placed in windows or just inside of businesses. Some of them are even dressed in festive garb and each one has been given a unique name. Here’s the fun part- collect as many names as you can, submit your list of names to the DDBIA office, and the person who submits the most names will win

$100 worth of Downtown Duncan Dollars!

How to play


1. Print the submission form by

clicking the button that says "click here to download submission form" 


2. As you shop and explore downtown, look for mascots in windows and displays. 


3. When you find a mascot, write down its name on the submission form.


4. Submit your form to the DDBIA office by Dec.15th 

5. If you find the store where a Scotty named "haggis" lives, you win a very special book- courtesy of Vancouver Island Regional Library.

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