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Hul'q'min'num Workshop Poster 5.png


The DDBIA recently distributed Hul’q’um’i’num language signs saying “Welcome Please Come In” to our members to be displayed on business entrance doors to communicate our support for our Cowichan Tribes community. If you would like a Welcome poster, please send us an email at to set up a time to pick it up from our office.


To build on this positive initiative, we have partnered with Cowichan Tribes elders and the Cowichan Intercultural Society to offer a Hul’q’um’i’num Language and Cultural Communication workshop to our members, FREE of charge. 


In the workshop you will have the opportunity to learn the correct pronunciation of the Hul’q’um’i’num phrase on the welcome sign, as well as some common words and phrases such as the new street names, “hello,” “goodbye,” and “how are you.” The lesson will be taught by Cowichan Tribes elders Philomena Williams, Albie Charlie, Laureen Charlie, and Merle Seymour


There will also be a cultural communication component to the workshop which will include how to put into practice techniques for respectful communication when interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. This will be led by Lynn Weaver, ED of the Cowichan Intercultural Society. 


The workshop is open to both owners and employees of DDBIA member businesses, and we encourage all to take advantage of this timely and important opportunity to expand our knowledge and appreciation of the language and culture of our Cowichan Tribes friends and neighbours.


Space is limited so please rsvp to this email by March 5th, 2021

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