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Mettra Pharmacy Duncan

Olga Shevchenko

How many years have you been in business in the DDBIA?


How many full-time employees (including yourself) work in your business or org?


Are your annual sales [budget] over or under $500K yearly?


Tell us your start-up story here - and don't forget to tell us what motivated you to start your business/organization here in Downtown Duncan specifically? We want to know why you chose us!

I have been serving the Cowichan community as a pharmacist since 2017. I was always dreaming about opening my own pharmacy. When I found out about a space available at Purely Wellness Centre, I didn't hesitate a second. My overseas experience and my passion for natural remedies and holistic approaches go so organically well with the wellness-focused and integrative environment of Purely Wellness Centre. I am also happy to be in such an approachable location, just right off the sidewalk with many people walking by Downtown and a summer music festival in front of my door.

What, do you believe, makes your business [or organization] uniquely successful?

For me, it feels like the biggest success for my business, when my patients or their families come back to say thank you for my recommendation or my care.

Regardless of how you define growth, what are the short and long-term growth plans for your business or org?

My short-term growth plan is to make our community aware of me and my pharmacy. With a long-term growth plan of making a reputation as a well-trusted and professional health and wellness place.

Can you share any insights into your experience working in a collaborative nature with neighbouring businesses? Does this sense of community and support help you as you build your business?

I am happy to learn that Purely Wellness Centre has been nominated as well. In my opinion, this business truly deserves to be recognized and appreciated in our community. Michael, the director and owner, creates something incredible in our town and I am thrilled to be part of it. He is working hard to gather so many wellness and medical practitioners of different fields together under the same roof. He keeps growing and improving. My pharmacy is also located at Purely Wellness building. Technically I am a separate and independent business of my own. But I definitely benefit from having my space in the Centre. I am working closely with Naturopathic Doctors and a Dietitian at the centre. Mettra Pharmacy is more focused on wellness products, and professional lines of supplements and vitamins, many clients coming for their appointments at Purely, often stop by my store to browse around or inquire about something.

As part of your plan for short and long-term goals, you mentioned your motivation to create a well-trusted and professional health and wellness place. Can you elaborate on what that might look like? What unique products and services would set you apart from a similar business?

There are so many pharmacies around in the Valley, but all of them are very busy these days with different important roles in Healthcare. I am confident that my business stands apart from others and attracts more and more customers who appreciate it and find it helpful and unique. First of all, it is because of my personal passion and knowledge of herbs, supplements and holistic approach to patient care, combined with all other usual pharmacy services offered here. Secondly, I am a small independent pharmacy with a low volume of prescriptions. We are focused on quality rather than quantity. We know everybody by name and always give personal and attentive care. For long-term goals, I see my pharmacy growing professionally and implementing new clinical services, and at the same time keeping it cozy and personal, so that patients can feel themselves welcomed and safe here, like at home.

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