Employee Share

The Downtown Duncan BIA and downtown business owners value our downtown employees and are now making it easier to attract and keep these great employees downtown.

People that work downtown are valuable as they have key local knowledge and advocate for local shopping and the close business community. It is important to keep these knowledgeable people employed in this area.

As small businesses aren’t always able to give full-time hours, the Employee Share Program provides a venue for business owners to share job opportunities with downtown employees. This program works as an online listing of employment needs from downtown business owners, which can help part-time employees find other part-time employment downtown giving them full-time hours.

How it works:

If you’re a business owner and need some extra help, fill out the form below, which will automatically upload the job information to the listing below.

If you are a business owner that has an employee looking for more work, direct them to this page to see what is available.

If you are a business owner LOOKING for an employee, please contact the Downtown Duncan BIA.

Job Listings

None at the moment