Membership Info

members-relationsWho is a Member?

Any business that operates out of a commercial property within our catchment or anyone holding a valid City of Duncan business license is a member of the Downtown Duncan BIA. You can view our BIA catchment on the Boundary page. The BIA is funded through a levy paid by the property owners of these commercial properties. The ultimate goal of the Downtown Duncan BIA is to serve our members by increasing the profile of downtown Duncan and drawing people to the business community through marketing, events and downtown development.

If you are interested in being a part of the Downtown Duncan BIA catchment, please contact the office for more information at 250.715.1700

Member Relations

Business owners are often short on time with the day-to-day operations of their own businesses. All too often, issues of concern are common to many and this is where the BIA can serve its members in a profound and positive way. We take your concerns regarding issues such as parking, traffic flow, proposed or existing bylaws, wayfinding, directional signage, gateways, garbage, benches, and bicycle amenities to the powers that be. We have made great headway in showing City Council, Public Works, and City staff a perspective of downtown from the business community’s point of view. This is evident through the City consulting the BIA when considering an action which might impact the business community. Without the BIA, the City would be challenged in gauging the needs of the business community.

The BIA acts as a resource for members sharing business successes. Just to mention a few, this includes: operation practices, marketing ideas, customer service expertise, and budget saving tips. The BIA directs prospective business operators to landlords who have available space, helping to ensure that vacancy rates downtown are lower than they have ever been.