Exhibits WallThe Downtown Development Committee’s goal is to increase the vibrancy and appeal of our downtown streets.  One way the committee has worked to achieve this goal is by establishing outdoor historical exhibits that bring interest to the downtown and make dull alley ways pop with colours, interesting images, and historical facts. The first exhibit known as Duncan’s Chinatown is found in between 4Cats Art Studio and the Duncan Showroom on Station Street. This beautiful exhibit features 19 large panels with photos from the past giving a glimpse into what used to be known as Chinatown in downtown Duncan.

The second exhibit is located off Canada Avenue, between BMO Bank and the Community Policing office. This alley way is decorated with a beautiful historical photo display call Duncan’s V.I., the original name used for the early settlement and depicts John A. MacDonald’s visit to Duncan. This display installed just recently in 2012 also hosts a beautiful mural generously painted and donated by the senior art students of Queen Margaret’s School.