Street Parking

Downtown Duncan strives to be a customer-friendly parking environment; therefore providing many options for visitors to the downtown.

All parking on the downtown streets is free for up to 3 hours for all customers. This includes stalls on Station Street, Craig Street, Kenneth Street, Ingram Street, Jubilee Street, Canada Avenue, and Duncan Street.

Handicapped Parking

All of our streets include handicapped parking stalls that provide easy accessibility to the sidewalks and businesses.

15 Minute Stalls

Downtown has a number of 15-minute spots available throughout the town for those who need to make a quick stop. These spots are labelled with a sign and the curb is painted white.

Micro Car & Motorcycle Parking

If you have a microcar or motorcycle, there are a number of small spots in the downtown to accommodate these vehicle types. These spots are marked with a sign and a blue and yellow dotted line at the front of the stall.