Sei Bella

  • Sei bella is “you are beautiful” in Italian- because we believe every woman was created beautiful in mind, body and spirit. Sei Bella Sugaring Spa's vision is to enhance your own unique beauty and increase your self-esteem while contributing to your well-being.

    Sei Bella Sugaring Spa is located in Duncan, BC. We specialize in full body sugaring (sugar paste hair-removal), as well as other spa &and beauty services. We have become well-known locally for offering the best, "cream of the crop" Brazilians and Manzilians in a comforting, spa-like atmosphere. 

    At Sei Bella Sugaring Spa, you can expect a beautiful atmosphere with a warm and comforting energy. Every appointment is approached with the intention of blessing you with love, as well as increase your personal beauty and self-esteem.

    When you come to Sei Bella you not only improve your own health, beauty and well-being, but you also bless the lives of others! We only use fair-trade organic products in all of our appointments.

    Monday   Closed

    Tuesday   9:30AM-8:00PM

    Wednesday   9:30AM-8:00PM

    Thursday   3:00PM-8:00PM

    Friday   9:30AM-1:30PM

    Saturday   9:00AM-6:00PM

    Sunday   Closed

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  • Location: 156 Government Street
  • Phone: 250-858-5455
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