Garden Pantry Store

  • Cowichan Green Community's Garden Pantry Store is a specialty thrift store that sells new and used gardening, farming, cooking, and food preservation items. Community members can both purchase and/or drop-off everything from shovels, rakes and rubber boots to apple corers, canning supplies, and food-processors. With the hope of reducing, reusing, and recycling the amount of used gardening and food preservation items that are ending up in landfills across the Cowichan Region, CGC is excited to offer a different option for the community to support a more sustainable lifestyle, while also providing new and old gardeners an opportunity to share their tools and resources.


    Tuesday - Friday    10am - 4:30pm

    Saturday               10am - 5pm

  • Contact Garden Pantry Store:

  • Location: 360 Duncan Street
  • Phone: 250.748.8506
  • Website: